Travel & Transportation

Transportation options are dictated by the ambiance you are looking for. The coastal highways are gateways to some of the most beautiful coves, such as Cabo Pulmo, Los Barriles, and Los Cerritos, but also the Sierra La Laguna mountain range and the magical villages found at its base. In Los Cabos, the traffic, like everywhere on the planet, is affected by construction and working hours but is nothing compared to what many folks endure daily in other places.

The addition of the toll highways from the San Jose del Cabo International airport to the Pacific Coast side of Cabo San Lucas has decreased travel time in general. It is a good idea to have change for the tolls ready. GPS has also increased easy mobility in the area.

Car Companies (Rentals and Car Services)

To bring or not to bring your own vehicle?

There are plenty of options for car rentals in Los Cabos both online and in person. Opt for full insurance with a reputable company and travel almost worry-free. Most companies have English-speaking attendants. Always drive defensively. If driving is not your cup of tea, there are a grand variety of services, from taxis to shuttles, to limousines. As a destination for famous actors as well as many major world players, there are numerous reputable, safe, English-speaking, insured, private chauffeurs, transportation and concierge companies, with everything from a chef to nannies also for hire, providing the first-class service. In addition, there are taxis, as well as the recently legalized UBER and other competitive private transportation companies of the same nature, such as ANDALE and BESTEN.

Driving (Having Vehicles, Short Trips, Long Trips)

It is legal to bring your insured, currently-plated Canadian or American vehicle to Los Cabos, for vacation or to live here. Always check with your home insurance company to see what coverage they provide and there are also local options. The laws are clear, just make sure you follow them. There are many advantages to having your own vehicle onsite. Some think driving the peninsula from the border is a beautiful initiation to the Baja’s intrinsic beauty. For those short on the ‘driving your own vehicle down the Baja inspiration,’ there are companies that can ship your vehicle and individuals who will drive, or share the driving to bring your personal vehicle to and from the tip of the peninsula for a fee. Most vacation and second homes have garage options, but there are secure and reasonably-priced storage options, for when you are not around, should you decide to buy a vehicle at one of the many car agencies in Los Cabos or leave one behind.

Air (Airlines & Private Charters & Airport Info)

Los Cabos has two main cities: San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. It also has two airports. The Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) is the sixth-busiest airport in Mexico with 4,909,700 passengers in 2017. Every year additional airlines and cities are added to its busy roster, however, it is still a small, friendly, manageable airport. It currently has three terminals, with a fourth in construction but only two are in use.
Terminal One services mostly national, but some international flights, as well as the FBO, (MMSD) port of entry, which has recently expanded because of the rise in private aviation.
Terminal Two services most international airlines. This airport is run by Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacífico, S.A.B. de C.V or GAP which operates 12 airports in the Pacific region of Mexico.

The Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) is on the outskirts of San Jose del Cabo at KM 43.5. Phone: 624-146-5111. FBO at GAP: 624-142-4005.

The Cabo San Lucas International Airport (MMSL) is a very small airport that mainly provides services for passenger shuttles, and puddle-jumpers to the mainland, as well as its FBO. According to its website, they are the only private international airport in Mexico. They are an international port of entry with all authorities onsite, including Immigration and Customs.

The FBO offers complete plane and passenger services. It is located on the extension of Leona Vicario Street, in the Mesa Colorada area, in Cabo San Lucas. Follow airport signs. 624 -124-5500 or 624 -124-5674.

Boat (Cruises, Personal Watercrafts)

Los Cabos Marina There are two ports of entry by water in Los Cabos.

The Los Cabos Marina

is located in the heart of the action of Cabo San Lucas at the iconic Land’s End arch. A famous partying place for spring-breakers, Cabo San Lucas welcomes all forms of sailors with open arms. The marina is run by the globally-owned IGY Marinas which is headquartered in Florida. The Cabo San Lucas Marina accepts boats up to 375 feet with a maximum beam of 63 feet and a maximum draft of 29 feet. The marina consists of 380 floating docks, 33 mega-yacht docks, a full-service marina with a high-speed fuel dock, and full crew facilities. Reception/Main Office: 624-173-9140.

Boats and yachts can also be obtained for private and group whale-watching, touring and sports fishing. Public whale-watching, snorkeling, and swimming cruises also depart from this marina. Throughout the year on-the-water sea caravans leave from San Diego and other nautical points and make Los Cabos’ marinas their final destination. The marina is also kept hopping as it is a stopover destination for commercial cruise ships who drop off their passengers for day excursions. Dockside at the Cabo San Lucas marina is home to a variety of restaurants and bars, a tourist help center and a cultural arts center. It is anchored by the Puerto Paraiso Plaza, which in addition to stores and restaurants, houses a movie theater.

Puerto Los Cabos Marina

Puerto Los Cabos is a master-planned community located on the coast of the Sea of Cortez. Its marina is located beside the San Jose Estuary, in the little town of La Playita, two miles from historic downtown San Jose del Cabo. It is a full-service marina with all the amenities a discerning boater looks for including concierge services, a maintenance yard, and seasonal storage services with Marine Group. It has 200 slips currently, with room for 450, at gated floating concrete docks with 30 to 70-foot slips available and numerous options for up to 250-foot mega-yachts with a depth maximum of 14.5 feet MSW. Nearby are both small and large hotels, convenience stores, pristine locally-sourced dining establishments, and a swimmable beach, with sports fishing boats with equipment and crews for hire.
Phone: 624-105-6028, Fuel Dock: 624-105-6363 Marine Group Service 624-105-6500.

Aside from storing your own boat at your beachside home, options exist along the coast in Los Barriles, an abundant fishing spot, as well as in La Ribera and La Paz and on the Pacific coast, in the fishing villages of El Pescadero and Todos Santos.

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