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For many, Los Cabos, or “the capes,” symbolizes world-class golf, spectacular sport fishing, year-round comfortable weather, endless sandy beaches, and perfect blue waters–and that is just the start of it.
Look deeper into the Los Cabos region, and you will discover a diverse terrain, unique water species, incredible history, fascinating culture, and exciting adventures and activities. With all this at your finger-tips, Los Cabos is a destination for a new way of living, rather than just a vacation stay or second home location.


Relocating to a foreign country has certainly been the latest conversation with your neighbors. Expect to make many new friends through your adventures but remember that your old friends will want to visit and see how you’re doing.
It’s easy to keep in touch with the use of technology across the world today, so why not take advantage of the quality of services, the cost of living and the ease of transition that Los Cabos offers to complete the dream-come-true.

marketing your property for rental agreement

There is no better feeling than knowing your second home is well-managed and earning an income while it is also gaining equity. Many homeowners market their property for rent while they are balancing their time elsewhere.
With such reasonable costs for marketing services, it makes perfect sense to leverage the growth of Los Cabos tourism to help off-set your expenses and maintain a positive profit – at least until you find yourself filling up your closets.


Getting involved with a local or national non-profit organization in Mexico is a great way to make new friends and contribute to your community. When you share either your time or financial support, it would be expected that you could even learn a few tips about living among the local culture. Giving a little can go a long way when Los Cabos offers such an affordable lifestyle. Learn more about the various organizations that make up our heart-warming community.