Cabo San Lucas

The popular tourist city that makes up the municipality of Los Cabos. Notable for its marina, nightlife, and famous Arch. This city offers hillside residences with views and coastal resort properties.

Cabo San Lucas Marina holds international sailing competitions, fishing tournaments, and its integrated Puerto Paraiso mall offers upscale shopping, dining and an entertainment plaza with movie theaters, bowling alley, and arcades.

areas of Cabo san Lucas

beach & marina

Recognized for its view of the Land’s End Arch, the converging of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Oceans, and the accessibility of the Cabo San Lucas Marina, dining, shopping and nightlife.


The downtown district of Cabo San Lucas is infused with a mix cultural centers, museums, shopping and dining.


A more residential city/suburb just minutes north of Cabo San Lucas accessible by highway 19 and the junction of the easily accessible toll-road from the Los Cabos International Airport.