Los Cabos Resources

Making Your Plans for a Move to Los Cabos

Planning a move can be overwhelming, especially when you are moving to a new country. With this in mind, recognize that research and preparation go hand-in-hand. To help, here is a general list to be considered prior to your arrival in México.

Travel Documentation & Passport Validation

All members of the family need to have validated passports, and receive a 180-day Tourist Visa upon first entry. If you plan to work or stay longer than 180 consecutive days, the proper paperwork and fees required will need to be in place. Speak with your local Mexican consulate prior to your relocation.


You may drive with your current driver’s license and your current vehicle; however, if you choose to purchase a car in México you will need to apply for a Mexican driver’s license. The auto insurance must also be secured in México.

Relocation Consultants & Freight Forwarders

Once you have purchased property, you are eligible to receive a temporary residence visa through immigration officials. Although holding a visa comes with its own responsibilities and costs, it also allows you a one-time importation of pre-owned household items. The shipping of goods will require detailed information and paperwork to pass through customs. It is recommended to work with a reputable freight company. If you purchase items or plan to receive shipments in México, be prepared to pay importation costs upon delivery (30% or higher, depending on the item).


Pets are important members of the family too! Be sure to visit your vet and get the appropriate paperwork required for entering into México. Also, be sure to check with the airlines to make the appropriate flight accommodations. Each airline has different restrictions.


There are a number of reputable international schools in Los Cabos that are highly esteemed for their curriculums and can provide the perfect environment for your child to thrive. The majority of schools employ U.S., Canadian and Mexican nationals and are attended by a student of the same diverse background. The advantages of an excellent education, paired with the opportunity to learn in a multi-cultural environment, provides for a rich global learning experience. The cost of private school education is much more affordable in Mexico and most offer a curriculum taught in both English and Spanish, so your child will quickly become fluent in both languages. There are also a variety of sports and extra-curricular activities available for all ages. Prior to school enrollment, it’s a good idea to compile all your school and medical records to assist you with registration.

Banking & Financial Arrangements

Determine how you will access funds, pay bills both locally and abroad, and manage any financial obligations. Banking is made easy through the offer of both U.S. dollar accounts and Mexican peso accounts, as well as English speaking account managers and online banking services.

Establishing Life in Los Cabos

Welcome home! You have made the move and now it is all about making it feel like home and getting to know your new town. The tasks of grocery shopping, banking, and a variety of service providers are now at hand. Get yourself a detailed road map of the city and be patient. The road signs may or may not be there and you will find that the reference of landmarks is often helpful. The quickest way to feel at home is to get out there and make yourself familiar with your new city.

Consider the following as a checklist of service providers that may be helpful to you and your family for living and working in Los Cabos:

  • Banking Services
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Insurance Agent(s)
  • Property Manager

Joining the Community

Become an active member of the community to forge new friendships, networking opportunities and help members of the family become more familiar with their new home. Through school, personal enrichment, faith, fellowship and community organizations, there is something for all.