Interview with Miroslava Bautista

The beautiful and savvy Miroslava Bautista is a longtime resident, public relations and events guru in Los Cabos. Along with her extensive pro-bono work, Bautista was the creator of the first large-scale charity event, Rhythms, Colors and Flavors of Los Cabos, now called Sabor a Cabo, a highly attended annual event since 2006. She also served as Minister of Tourism for Los Cabos during 2008-2011, where she unfailingly brought quality and professionalism to the tourist community, Los Cabos’ number one industry. Originally from Michoacán, Bautista graduated from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara in Communications and came to Los Cabos in 1994 to use her newly forged skills. Little did she know, she would fall in love with the place and become one of its greatest promoters.

Bautista collaborated with Westin Resorts and Sheraton Hotels in their openings and served as Director of Public Relations for Starwood Hotels and Resorts prior to branching out into her current public relations business.

Cabo Dream Homes asked Miroslava Bautista where her favorite places to dine in Los Cabos are. She gave us her top three, with the caveat that it was extremely difficult to choose. Here is what she shared with us:

It depends on where I am and who I am with. If I am by myself, I might stop for tacos at the Hangman in San José del Cabo, or probably order in from Sushimanias by Amelia Wilkes Park in Cabo San Lucas. Sushimanias is my absolute favorite sushi place, featuring fresh eel, octopus, scallops, and shrimp. It is one of my go-to places, or more like it comes to me, as it delivers and accepts credit cards, though it might not be considered fancy. However, if we are talking restaurants than I like Edith’s – at least certain dishes at Edith’s. Many people think it is only Mexican cuisine, but it has so much more. I like that they use the best, fresh local products, carefully sourced from the area, like ranch cheese from La Ribera, and freshly caught seafood. Edith’s is always true to the authentic flavors of the Baja region.”

The second,” Bautista adds, “is La Revolución, where I am one of the partners.”

What is La Revolución?

La Revolución is located in the historic downtown center of San José del Cabo in a restored 145-year-old building an interesting balance of old and new. The name is an allusion to the industrial revolution and the concept of change, not the Mexican revolution as some may want to believe. La Revolución is led by one of México’s most-beloved Master Chefs, Benito Molina. Chef Molina graduated from the New England Culinary Institute (NECI), where he met his mentor, el Maitre Cuisinier of France, Michel LeBorgne, who took him under his wing. He and his partner and spouse, Chef Solange Muris, were pioneers in the locally-sourced movement in the Baja. Their restaurant, Manzanilla in Ensenada, is considered one of the top restaurants in the world. They also have a television show titled Benito y Solange transmitted by Utilísima. La Revolución is an extension of Molina’s 18 years of creating culinary perfection with a menu that focuses on creative, tantalizing combinations of local seafood, as well as delightful beef, chicken, pork and vegetarian gastronomical adventures. Upstairs at the Dalton Gin Bar, open Thursday through Sunday, Al Capone and the prohibition theme bring to mind a San José del Cabo from long ago, along with the drinks by award-winning mixologist Osvaldo Vazquez. Vazquez makes drinks that put a whole new spin on the word cocktail, like your everyday Gin and Tonic, all grown up and made with olive gin, tonic water, huaje, epazote herb, Mexican lime zest and Aztec bitters.”

“The third, and it cannot be denied, is the magical Flora Farms which has certainly grown over the years, and remains a sanctuary for all those who enter. My favorite night is Tuesday when they have their family-style chicken dinner. I am also happy to support Flora’s Farm Kitchen because the owners have given back a great deal to the community over the years and continue to do so.

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