Pacific Side

The cool Pacific lines the western side of the Baja peninsula against the Sierra Laguna Mountain. Find famed golf communities, sand dune and rugged coastal terrain with epic surf along the south. In the north, the 1700’s Mission Village of Todos Santos is considered 1 of 2 official Pueblo Magicos in Baja California Sur.

areas of Pacific


Home to a coastal oasis and Todos Santos, an 18th Century village founded by the start of its Mision Church. This area combines opportunities for true Baja living with organic farming, off-grid homes and city splendors of art, music and cultural festivals celebrated in the town square.


From gated golf communities to right-hand point breaks, barreling beach breaks and big wave surf beaches, the Southern Pacific coast is between the bustling city of Cabo San Lucas and the sleepy cultural center of Todos Santos.