Building Your Dream Home

At Cabo Dream Homes our goal is to assist buyers in making the home building process a truly rewarding experience. By designing and building their personal dream home, our clients are able to accommodate all of their personal needs, while also establishing immediate value in their new, turnkey property. At Cabo Dream Homes, we guide our clients every step of the way.

Since home construction requires some thoughtful consideration, our team of experts assist with land purchase, selecting the appropriate architect, researching a reputable builder and identifying an interior designer. We guide you in the legal and proper ways to manifest your new home and become acquainted with State and Federal government requirements.

After over two decades of service in the Cabo business community, we consider professionalism to be of utmost importance. At Cabo Dream Homes,  we advise our clients to evaluate their choices based on ethical reputation, industry leadership and an obvious commitment to ongoing innovation, education and client satisfaction. A vendor’s reputation for adhering to contract agreements, remaining current on industry licenses, as well as being adequately insured and bonded, is often more important than the most competitive price quote or the number of years they’ve been in business.

Choosing the Best Contractor

While referrals are imperative, it’s important to evaluate the source of the referral to ensure there are no biases, and to evaluate whether the customer has been pleased with both the process, as well as the overall completion of the project. It’s especially important to ensure that there is a high level of comfort and confidence when it comes to communicating with any contractors. Since most communication will need to be handled online and through third parties, and may occasionally involve language and cultural differences, it’s imperative that you work with professionals that can listen and clearly understand your needs, desires and final goals.

Cabo Dream Homes is here to assist you in your research and in finding the right resources that will allow you to create a one-of-a-kind, custom dream home that enables you to live the lifestyle you’ve always imagined!

Choosing the Proper Parcel

Whether you are planning to choose a new homesite, or whether you have already secured your parcel of land, Cabo Dream Homes will ensure that the land allows for you to build the type of property you desire within the budget you have established. Not only are we familiar with the township, state and government laws, we understand the legal variances and setbacks as well as each neighborhood’s Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s).

Prioritize Your Preferences

The choices you make when selecting a homesite will inevitably determine the end design, which will in turn influence how you use your property and whether it fits your lifestyle. For instance, it is helpful to prioritize your preferences, such as your desire to either live within close proximity to the beach or with a hilltop panoramic view. You will want to consider whether it’s important for you to be in a gated community, or whether there are specific amenities you desire such as golf, tennis or a beach club. Some people prefer the Pacific side for the spectacular sunsets, while others would rather be conveniently located close to the airport, or to one of our fabulous marinas, near swimming beaches or charming historical towns, where there are community gatherings or conveniences such as restaurants, grocers or other amenities.

Negotiating An Offer

Once you have narrowed down the lot where you prefer to build, Cabo Dream Homes then provides critical guidance and protection during the process of writing and negotiating an offer.

One critical suggestion we make is to negotiate yourself adequate due-diligence time in your offer. This will allow you time to discuss your project ideas with builders and architects, while also gathering various topographic and soil studies in advance to help determine your foundation and preparation costs and the possibilities of what can be built on the land.

The topographical study can identify slope grade and natural drainage and will help determine the possible need for retaining walls as well as provide considerations for dirt reconstruction and view line. In most cases, a steep lot may require more retention or infrastructure to support a home versus a more leveled lot. Meanwhile, a gently sloping lot may allow the architect to be creative, offering greater views, spacious layouts and more private areas as they design the construction in accordance with the natural terrain of the property.

The soil study test will provide details regarding the land’s stability, weight disbursements, major rock formations to consider, and total volume it can withhold. Understanding what can be created on your land parcel will help determine if the lot will enable you to build a home that meets your needs.

With our assistance and the coordination of a general contractor, these inexpensive studies can be completed within an average of 14 days of the due-diligence period of your offer to purchase.

The effort you put forth in advance of solidifying your purchase will greatly assist you and your builder in determining the full scope and budget of your project through completion. Whether you are purchasing in a large master-planned community or a small buildable area, we can assist you in assuring that your contractors are aware of the legal building guidelines from the township and the master-planned development’s architectural boards.

By utilizing the due diligence period to investigate the property fully, you will be in a much better position to decide whether you want to proceed with the land purchase or reserve your right to withdraw your Offer to Purchase. It is far better to invest on studies in advance if it can ensure you’re choosing the proper parcel for your project than to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars designing plans and building a home that turns out to be something different than you originally desired.

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