Architecture & Design

At Cabo Dream Homes we have a history of working with builders and architects and can help introduce you to qualified and reputable professionals. Most builders here in Los Cabos offer their own architects and engineers. This inclusive approach is beneficial to building contractors because it allows them to align themselves with trustworthy professionals who understand the need for short turnarounds, rough renderings for client review, the occasional need for change orders, as well as adhering to cost control measures.

Of course, this approach can sometimes conflict with quality control. Therefore, in some cases, we recommend contracting a third party architect who can ensure the building contractor remains in-line with the architectural specifications. In these cases, one must also ensure that the architect doesn’t impose design decisions without the cost and feasibility consideration to the builder. Either way, as the client, it’s important to ensure that all contractors are working with your best interests in mind and can effectively partner together.

Selecting an architect

Selecting an architect can be very exciting because they are the key to bringing your lifestyle and vision into the design of your new home. We look for architects who evaluate sunlight, airflow, and other energy efficient standards. Your architect should ask questions about how you plan to utilize the property – for consideration of ease and safety measures for children or elderly guests – or whether you intend to use your property for business, family, vacation or as a full-time residence. They may encourage you to gather photos of architectural designs of interest and should ask for your input on room sizes, ceiling reflection, amenities like wine cellars, gym, theater room and more. Since Los Cabos has an ideal climate, they will want to know how much planning they should devote toward accommodating outside living areas that incorporate barbeque areas, firepits, water features, outdoor kitchenettes and landscape areas for playing, lounging or gardens.

A good architect, like a reputable builder, will have the depth of knowledge to know what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. Often times they can make suggestions that you may never have thought of. Suggestions that, in the end, will make the difference between just a house and your dream home.

Choosing an interior designer

Choosing an interior designer is an important decision since their involvement can influence your project from the beginning of the design stage all the way through to the final appointing of each room. A designer will work within your budget to integrate your personal preferences such as feng shui practices or color schemes when selecting cabinetry, moldings or paint colors. They are trained to make selections to the details of your architectural designs such as proper placement of electrical switches and floor plugs based on the flow and use of the home. For instance, a good designer will help prevent clients from locating an air conditioning control thermostat along a wall that may interfere with a focal piece of art and will help determine the best location of light switches for convenience and movement throughout a home.

To ensure that you are in agreement with every architectural design decision, the builder will incorporate each detailed design element into several large books known as “Carpetas.” Everything from the exact height and location of the towel rack in your bathrooms should be designed and detailed throughout these documents.

You should expect to sign off on each page of this document to ensure that you are aware of all the architectural elements and to indicate your approval. If part of the project is completed in a way that is different than indicated on the signature page, then the builder would be responsible to correct it. However, if you change your mind once it appears in your home, you will need to request a “change order” that may incur additional costs. Hiring an expert architect can help ensure that you are not faced with costly change orders during the home building process and can help ensure that you stay within your allocated budget.